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        Frequntly Asked Questions
        What set you apart from other wedding photographers?
        Do you cover weddings internationally?
        We are considering to do an engagement session. Do you offer them?
        We don`t feel very comfortable in front of the camera, what can we do about that?
        Hom many photos we can expect from our wedding day?
        How long we have to wait on them?
        You are our choice! How do we proceed with the reservation?
        There are tons of amazing photographers around and I am completely aware of how a tough choice you may have right now. I will not tell I am the best photographer on the market, there is always someone more talented and more creative, but as a people, my team and I are simple, honest and friendly, our photos are captured in the moment, not in the pose, and that is our secret. Our ability to connect with clients, to treat this relationship friendly and professional at the same time is for sure something that set us apart from a lot of our colleagues.