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        Every wedding is a unique story, so our mission is to capture moments as they come, not as they should be. Always trying to be invisible as much as we can, sneaking between the guests gives us a perfect opportunity to catch honest smiles, tears, and other emotions. We are focused on people, but we also never forget to capture every other detail that makes the wedding day special, including decor and flowers, tiny little details, formal photos with friends and family and of course, funny dance moments.

        “Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”
        — Aaron Siskind

        About Me

        Taking photos is a true passion for me, but one thing is significant, there have to be people in my frame. They inspire me; I am constantly seeking for a perfect moment to catch, to stop emotion of that exact moment on peoples faces. I never knew that one day I’d be a full-time wedding photographer and loving my job so much.

        The most beautiful people are those who love and are loved. That’s why I decided to step into the wedding photography world, to surround myself with this incredible energy and simply witness and quietly capture love! I started my journey in 2013. and till today had a pleasure meeting amazing couples from around the globe and made a great friendship with some of them. I`m still excited when I get a new inquiry.

        I am a 35-year-old curious observer, in love with my wife and a father of three -two handsome boys and an adorable baby girl! My family is the most precious community for me, but also friends are holding a strong second place in my life.

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        Fun facts about me
        • I always sucked in math
        • Still having morning jitters before the wedding day is about to begin, can’t explain.
        • My wife drives faster than me…the fun fact is in the next line
        • Before becoming a full-time wedding photographer, I was a car journalist and a race driver
        • Love to watch Home alone on every Christmas
        • I laugh at bad jokes
        • I sing under the shower, terribly
        A few more details...

        I`m crazy about

        family trips, craft beers, mountain bikes, Asian food, meeting new people, visiting new countries, spending time in nature, dinner with friends, the sound of the guitar,  a good risotto

        I`m not crazy about

        talking about politics, software updates, complicating in general, strong coldness

        My bucket list

        visit Asia, learn to play guitar, visit USA, visit Africa, travel the Europe,  jump with a parachute, learn a new language, start own business, build a family house, visit Australia/New Zealand, learn to make a good sushi, have kids, shoot a wedding outside Europe,….