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        Wedding and engagement stories


        Dora + Paolo: Sunset in Rakalj

        If you are looking for a perfect sunset in Istria, you should consider visiting Old Rakalj, gorgeous historical small village in Istria located on a hill along the Raška bay. There is a small church o...

        Marina + Aldo: Dubrova engagment story

        Marina and Aldo are another great couple from Labin in Istria that I met during my photographing business, and I am so proud they chose me to be their wedding photographer this Saturday on Valentines ...

        Sanja + Andrej: Love in Skitacha

        I love to see love in the eyes of a engaged couple. And It simply radiates from their eyes when they look each other. Sanja and Andrej from Labin (Istria) are getting married this weekend. Their phone...

        Petra + Leo: Love at the train station

        Their love is in one way bind with a train station in Kanfanar (Central istria), while they built common life in Rovinj. This saturday, on Septmeber 27th, they will say yes to each other, and after th...

        Ana + Veljko: Love story in Rovinj

        A beautiful young couple from Pula. Ana and Veljko are counting last days before they say "yes" to each other. For engagement shooting they decided for lavender field, and then we continued the sessio...