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        The wedding planning process can be stressful and overwhelming, especially if planning a destination wedding. We created this wedding guide to help you understand what your wedding photographer wants you to know during the planning process. Also, you will find plenty of tips and tricks on how to set up your wedding timeline, what you need to think about when getting ready, etc.

        From the guide....


        How to structure your timline?


        Getting ready




        Try to structure your timeline so that we’re shooting the couple portraits at golden hour, just before the sun sets, with that beautiful afternoon glow all around you. There’s nothing like this time of day to capture the mood and magic of the moment.

        Write a love letter

        While each of you is getting ready, chances are you’ll be filled with nerves. As you won’t have each other for comfort in these moments, consider writing a love letter for your fiance to read before the ceremony. It’ll be a nice little keepsake, making for some incredibly emotion-filled images before the ceremony.


        Ditch the cool, directional overhead lights in favour of sparklers, candles, and warm atmospheric lighting.

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