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        When planning to get married in Istria, expect great hospitality, delicious food and wines, comfortable accommodation, beautiful beaches and a lot of sunny days


        You’ve probably heard about beauties of Croatia, especially for world famous town of Dubrovnik, Hvar and Brac islands and National park Plitvice lakes. Yes, Croatia is a beautiful country in every step and gives you a lot to see, feel and taste. But when it comes to the weddings, you should choose Istria and I have at least five good reasons to convince you.

        1. Perfect climate with a lot of sunny days and a great hospitality

        The geographic position of one of the most beautiful peninsulas in Europe is perfect when we talk about climate. Istria is one of the sunniest regions in Mediterranean, we don’t have much of rainy days, especially in spring and summer. From April to October, you don`t need to wear a jacket, only a sunglass and a smile on your face. You can go swimming in the sea at the beginning of June and enjoy on the beach until late September.
        The people of Istria are very friendly and alway at your service. If you get lost by any chance, just ask the first person you see, and he will help you. The region is very safe with a small step of criminality. Istrians are open minded and Europeanly oriented people. We respect all religions, cultures and nationalities; we support gay marriage, we treat all our guests like they are family members.

        2. Beautiful Istrian beaches, islands and countryside

        It’s a small region but gives you everything you need to enjoy your stay, from beautiful countryside, Ucka mountain, artist city of Groznjan and adorable old town Motovun built on the small hill with a perfect view, to gorgeous rocky and sandy beaches all the way through Istrian cost. If you want to know something about Roman culture, you should visit Pula and its Amphiteatar called Arena. If you ever wondered how does it look the smallest town in the world, you should visit Istrian town Hum and you will find out.
        And there is magical Rovinj, a small Mediterranean town located by the sea, with such beauty that you just must to visit and explore. Looking for an island? Istria has them and they are beautiful. In the next blog I’ll write more about Istrian islands and benefits of getting married on St.Andrews Island, National Park Brijuni Islands or sandy Levan Island. Did you know that Red Island (St.Andrews Island), Katarina island (Rovinj) and St.Nicola island (Valamar resort Porec) have great hotels and they are an excellent choice for the wedding venue.

        3. Delicious Istrian food and wines

        When in Istria, eat like an Istrian. And when it comes to gastronomy, Istria has it all. If you like meat and Italian pasta, you should visit Istrian countryside and taste Istrian truffles, prosciutto, cheese and olive oils. If you prefer fish, then stay on by the coast and enjoy Adriatic seafood.
        There is nothing better than a good wine after the tasty meal, and this is where Istria comes to its best. Did you know that Istria is famous wine region in Europe? We are very proud on that fact, our winemakers has a long tradition, and they got international awards for wines and olive oils.
        To be little more precise when we talk about wines, when eating a fish, you should order an Istrian Malvasia white wine, red wine Teran if you prefer meat, or Muskat when eating desserts. Ask your waiter for a wine recommendation, and he will be happy to advise you. The best way to find a perfect wine for your wedding is to go on a wine tour following Istrian wine roads and visit some of the winemakers basements. Believe me, you will love this experience.

        4. Perfect accommodation: Luxury hotels and Istrian Villas

        When searching for a hotel in Istria, in my opinion, Rovinj and Porec has the best hotels, especially Rovinj where you can book your stay at design hotels Lone, Monte Mulini and boutique hotel Adriatic. Porec has the luxury Valamar resort, on the West side of Istria there is a Kempinski golf resort, and a Park Plaza on the South. If you prefer more intimate atmosphere to spend time with your beloved ones, my advice is to rent a family Villa, or Istrian “stancia”. You can find amazingly beautiful houses for rent, built from brick and stone following the Mediterranian style. Isn’t it wonderful to spend evenings with your family surrounded by olive trees and flowers in the garden while eating dinner by the pool and enjoying fresh air and stillness?

        5. Excellent Istria traffic connections

        Istria has a perfect traffic connection. In the particular time of year Pula airport is connected with London, Frankfurt, Bruxelles and other European cities, and you can even find a low coastal companies as well. If arriving by car, you can expect new highway road through Istria, and the distance from the North (border with Slovenia) to the South (Pula) is less than 100 km. Did you know that world famous Italian city of Venice is just on two-hour drive away from Istria?  For example, If you are staying in Rovinj, you can go on one-day tour in Venice by car, by bus or a tourist ship (maybe the best option in the summer days).

        If those five reasons convinced to “tie a knot” here, and need any help with planning a wedding in Istria, please be free to contact me, my partners and I will be thrilled to help you organise your dream wedding.

        Kresimir Tadijic, Istria wedding photographer

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