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          Hi there! My name is Kresimir Tadijic, a destination wedding photographer and filmmaker from Europe. Along with my team, I capture the most precious moments in our client's lives. Our style is documentary mixed with fine art and our approach is unintrusive and relaxed.

          Award winning studio based in Croatia

          Creating memories since 2013


          We NARRATE your LOVE STORY through our lenses, collecting every precious DETAIL and MOMENT to your memory chest

          Our philosophy

          Every wedding is a unique story, so our mission is to capture moments as they come, not as they should be. Always trying to be invisible as much as we can, constantly moving between the guests gives us a perfect opportunity to catch honest smiles, tears, laughter. We are focused on people, but we also never forget to capture every other detail that makes the wedding day special, including decor and flowers, tiny little details, formal photos with friends and family and of course, amazing dance moments.

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          We will travel for LOVE...

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          Anytime, anywhere! No destination is off our grid. From sunny Croatia, Greece, Spain, Morocco or Mexico, to charming Italy, breathaking Iceland or magestic India . You chose destination for your wedding, and we will be there to follow you through your BIG DAY


          ...to multiday luxury

          We have you covered

          MOTION ART

          Wedding films

          We produce short wedding films, creatively edited to highlight the most memorable moments of the wedding day. The film includes the best speeches, the laughing moments, tears in eyes, that stunning reception, the emotional vows, the party on the dance floor – everything you want to see from your wedding day in up to 15-min. Our videography approach is completely unobtrusive, we don’t carry too much equipment so there is almost no difference between videographer and photographer. We curiously observe wedding and capture moments as they come, so there is no fear from been recorded.

          From short elopement films to multiday weddings videos

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          "Thank you so much! Our video has made me very happy and i have already watched it over and over. It is perfect and your work is amazing. Also, the photos are beautiful and I can not thank you enough. You have managed to capture every moment. I have re-lived the day again through this album and I feel very blessed."

          "When Alex and I were looking around for a photographer, Kresimir's work stood out so we were very happy that he was available to capture our wedding on Levan island. We now have our photos and are taken aback by them, they are just amazing. His style definitely complemented the look and feel of our wedding, now we're looking forward to putting the album together."

          "We are absolutely thrilled to have worked with Kresimir! Are photos were stunning and very much our "style". He has a rustic feel to his photos and captures every detail. We had friends fly in from all over the world and loved seeing our friends and family in so many of the photos, instead of just us! You won't regret working with such a wonderful photographer!"

          Maarja & Alex ~ Manchester, UK

          Eva & Stuart ~ Langport, UK

          Christie & Chad ~ Nairobi, Kenya

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